Eric CohanPresident/Board
Carol PhilipsonBoard Member
Phil PonebshekTreasurer
Margaret HutchisonBoard Member
Teresa GouldieBoard Member
Charles WolchanskyBoard Member
Peggy MorseBoard Member
Ron HerzfeldWebmaster

Officers and Board of Directors

The Jester HOA Board meeting schedule is the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Red Lotus, unless notified otherwise.

The Board promotes open and candid discussions among the residents of Jester.


Useful Contacts

Warbler Editor

Hope Teel

Homeowner's Association Management

Cyndi Means, Community Manager

(W) 512-883-7558          (Fax) 512-346-4873

Office:                             Mailing Address:

11149 Research Blvd.    P.O. Box 203310

Austin, TX 78759           Austin, TX 78720-3310

Jester Club

(512) 794-8867

Contact the Board at:

The Jester Club is a separate organization, having its own Board, By-Laws, and Rules; and, is NOT associated with the Jester HOA, except that many Jester residents have club memberships at the Jester Club.

2222 CONA Representative

Ron Herzfeld

Architectural Control Committee

​Candace Wong, AIA, LEED AP, Chair

​Erica Flynn

Landscape Committee

Margaret Hutchison Chair

Social Committee

Teresa Gouldie Chair

Carol Philipson

Lee Sherwin

Johna Douglas

Luma Simmons

Mari Rafae Rodriguez

Safety Committee (Traffic)

Carol Philipson

Phil Ponebshek


Firewise Committee (see Firewise Page)

Jester Welcoming Committee

Carol Philipson, Chair

Eva Wisser

Elaina Griffiths

Johna Douglas

Lee Sherwin

Restrictions Violations Contact

Cyndi Means